ISSILC International Society for the Study of
Interactivity, Language and Cognition

About the Society

The International Society for the Study of Interactivity, Language, and Cognition (the acronym ISSILC can be pronounced I-silk) is a society of scientists and scholars engaged in conversing with each other in ways that help to integrate studies of cognition, language, and interactivity. Traditionally, cognition has been understood as some form of computation, language has been described as a formal rule system, and interactivity has been explored as an exchange between two autonomous agents. Although much has been learned using these perspectives, they limit our ability to appreciate the integrity of human life and action.

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CILC conferences

The ISSILC organizes a biennial conference that gathers internationally leading researchers across disciplinary borders, including linguistics, applied linguistics, education, interaction studies, biology, cognitive science, psychology, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, communication studies, semiotics, and biosemiotics.

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Governing board

In order to ensure the Society’s breadth, the ISSILC’s governing board has been elected from different disciplinary areas.

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